An Easy Guide To Eating Clean

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I love dessert.

Cannoli, Biscotti, my Nonna's Chocolate "Crazy Cake". I love sugar, carbs, and chocolate in almost any form. 

However, I feel so much better when I keep my treats as just that- treats. 

I'm a different person when I'm eating clean. I feel better, I look better, I have more energy. I try to eat clean 80% of the time, so that 20% of the time I can enjoy a little treat without any guilt, knowing that my body is getting plenty of nutrition on a regular basis. 

But let’s face it. If you're used to eating a lot of processed, sugary foods, making the switch to healthier fare can be daunting. Today I am featuring an easy guide to eating clean. I want to inspire you to simplify the process, so it's not as overwhelming. It’s all about setting yourself up for success. So here it goes…

1.  Clean Out Your Refrigerator

  • Take everything out of your refrigerator. Throw out any expired food, all junk food and processed food. Wipe down any sticky condiment jars.
  • Wipe out refrigerator and place an opened box of baking soda inside it to absorb any odors.
  • Buy, and stock your fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, eggs and yogurt.

2.   Clean Out Your Cabinets

  • Take everything out of your cabinets and or pantry. As you do so, throw out any expired food. Donate all unopened junk food, processed food and any food that you will not eat.
  • Wipe out your cabinet shelves.
  • Group like things together and place them back on the now clean shelves. Such as: Grains, Pasta, Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruits, Condiments, Sauces, Snacks, Dried fruit and nuts.
  • Use clean, clear containers for opened items.

3. Make A List

  • When you are starving is not a good time to try and decide what to eat. I recommend making a list ahead of time of easy snacks, and quick meals. That way that when hunger strikes, you are prepared to make a good decision! 
  • If you eat out a lot, you may want to write down some restaurants where you know you can find healthier options.

Now you are set up for success! I can guarantee that eating clean, fresh, unprocessed foods will make you feel better in as soon as a few days. The more you get the sugar and the junk food out of your system, the less you will crave it. Your body will actually start craving fresh veggies, and it will get easier each day!

I’d love to hear about your tips for eating clean. Please leave a comment below!