How To Organize: Your Bedroom

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Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed by the clutter in your bedroom?

I once had a client who had so many clothes in her bedroom, you could only see 80% of her floor space.

It’s so important that your bedroom is a stress-free zone. It should be a peaceful place to relax and sleep.

I helped that particular client turn her messy bedroom into a peaceful haven, and I’m sharing 5 simple tips today to help you do the same! :-) 

Here 5 simple tips to help you organize your own bedroom:

1.  Enlist the help of a person who is not emotionally connected to your stuff. They will be able to give you an honest opinion on what you should no longer keep.

2.  Empty, sort and organize your bureau and closet before you put back anything that you are keeping.

3.  Clean off all counter tops.

4.  Clean your area, vacuum and dust.

5.  Place a plant or beautiful flower somewhere in your room for a fresh, pretty touch.

Ahhhhh…..peace. Enjoy your newly organized room!

vectors c/o  freepik

vectors c/o freepik