The Only 5 Things You Need In Your Purse / Challenge

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Are you constantly rummaging through your purse, trying to find an important receipt, a protein bar, or that ever-elusive tube of lip gloss? Did you recently buy a bigger purse to fit everything you need and proceed to fill that purse to the brim? Do your friends ask you if you’re moving in when you come to visit, lugging your 10-pound purse behind you?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this article is for you!

Today I want to share an organizing secret with you: There are only 5 items you need in your purse!

That’s right. FIVE. It is possible!

Each of these 5 items should be separately divided. You can use vinyl zip pouches, a purse organizer, some makeup pouches, or even ziplock bags. Whatever works best for you.

And do you know what? It should take you only 5 minutes to empty your purse out, sort the contents, throw away any trash, and put these 5 things back into it.  

The Only 5 Things You Need In Your Purse:

  1. Money
  2. Coupons
  3. Makeup / Personal Items
  4. Cards (Credit, Store, Insurance) 
  5. Mobile Phone

Now you can actually see what's in your purse! 

Optional: I also like to keep a few of my business brochures in my bag, and my sunglasses...just in case. 

A Good Idea: Clip your keys to your purse handle so you don’t have to fish for them. I like this key clip here

There you have it! It’s so freeing to carry around less stuff. Your shoulder will thank you!

But to make this a little more motivating for you... I am hosting an "Organized Purse Challenge"! 

I am challenging you to follow the instructions above and clean out your purse! But, make sure you take before and after pictures, and send them to deanne@dlivingsimply.com, with the following:

  • your name
  • your mailing address 
  • the subject titled “Organized Purse Challenge”
  • feel free to tell us the most unusual item you found while cleaning out your purse

Your purse challenge pictures will be shared on the D Living Simply Facebook page, and you will be entered in a drawing to win 4 of these handy Walker Color Mesh Zip pouches, to help you stay organized! 


Good luck! Can't wait to see the entries! Winner will be drawn at random, all entries must be made by July 23rd. Winner will be notified by email, and announced on the Blog and the D Living Simply Facebook page!