Mail, Oh Mail, Oh Mail

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Do you have a stack of mail spilling all over your kitchen counter waiting to be read and sorted? A common issue for most of my organizing clients is how to keep mail from piling up. 

I promise that if you follow these 3 simple steps, your mail will NEVER pile up….EVER AGAIN! You will never miss paying a bill on time…or miss an event…or miss a deadline for the best coupon ever.  

It's easy and life-changing. 

Step 1: Open Your mail daily

  • It will take seconds 
  • Use a letter opener, it will save your hands and nails
  • Open your mail close to your trash can and recycling bin

Step 2: Immediately recycle or trash 

  • The outer envelopes, junk mail and marketing materials

Step 3: Put your opened/saved mail where it belongs immediately

For Reading/Magazines/Catalogues

  • Use a decorative basket near your favorite reading chair or couch

For Bills

  • Use a stand that will hold your bills to be paid upright on your desk.  Place bill in fold of envelope or throw out envelope if you pay online
  • Go a step further and put bills in chronological order with most current bill due in front facing you

For Action Items

  • Use folder placed in your desk holder marked “To Do” to include items that you need to take action on, such as: purchasing tickets, replying to an invite, making a phone call.
  • Use a file cabinet for items to be immediately filed like statements, insurance policies and tax receipts

Many of you worry if you need to save something and everything.  Remember today you can get almost anything online if you tossed it.  And, that will probably never be necessary!

*Remember Step #1.  If you get home late at night, open all your mail in the morning before you leave the house. 

Practice creates a habit.

I promise that it will be simple and you will never have a pile of mail to deal with again.

You can do it!