A Solution for Storage Nightmares

Organizing, HomeDeanne CapotostoComment

Do you have a basement, garage, room or storage unit that you have been dreading to organize?

If so, you are not alone.  I have helped many clients “deal” with these “pits of despair”.

These areas serve a purpose to store your stuff, until it gets out of hand.  When you get to this point, it becomes overwhelming.

The good news is that I’m here to help you.

 Here’s what to do…

1.  First you need to decide, what is the purpose of the storage area?  Do you need to park in the garage?  Do the kids need to play in the basement? Do you truly need this storage unit or have you not looked at the stuff since you packed it in 7 years ago?  

2.  Next, set aside a specific block of time for your organizing. Don’t be shy in asking friends or family for help (Or give me a call...). It is helpful to have others present to help you make decisions because they may not be emotionally attached to the items. 

3.  Pick up one thing at a time and decide if you need to keep it, trash it, donate it or return it to someone.  Make separate piles for each of these designations.

4.  Take the items that you are keeping and store like things together.

You can do this project in small increments or in one big chunk.  Do not get overwhelmed.  Remember to make one decision at a time.

Plan a time to start and do it now!  You will feel so much lighter, be able to better use the space or even eliminate an expensive rental fee for a storage unit. 

You can do it!