5 Lessons Learned in Italy

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Italy was amazing.  I left refreshed, and inspired.  The weather was balmy.  The people embraced me.  The days were long and full of life, laughter, and good food!

Today, I want to share with you lessons I learned in Italy.  Whether you’re Italian or not, these tips for living simply will enrich your life.  Enjoy!

5 Lessons Learned in Italy


Lesson 1.  Eat simply and well!

Italians eat fresh food and very little sugar.  I don’t think that I had any processed foods in two and a half weeks while I was there. I enjoyed an abundance of fresh fruits (including figs right off of the tree), lots of vegetables, fresh buffalo mozzarella, local fish from the sea, a little lean meat, extra virgin olive oil, and or course: pasta.  Good fresh pasta made from semolina wheat.  Oh, yeah…and Prosecco and wine.

The Italians eat big meals, they don’t snack, and they walk everywhere!  That’s a recipe for health.

Lesson 2.  Spend time with family and friends.

In Italy, a time with family and friends is a precious event.  And of course, getting together means eating together!  Meals always include a great conversation, which leads to eating slowly.

Sitting with family or friends and sharing a cappuccino in the morning or a drink at night, while relaxing is a daily ritual.

Lesson 3.  Laugh often!

All these gatherings and great conversations always included laughing.  My cousin’s brother-in-law, Gaetano, had me laughing so hard, I was crying!

Life is too short for worrying, sulking and being negative.  Live a positive, fun life!

Lesson 4.  Live in the moment.

Enjoy the gift of life.  The past is over.  The future hasn’t happened.  Be who you want to be and do what you want now.  This will create the future that you desire.

5.  You don’t need much to be happy.

Your health, food, family and friends..  that is La Dolce Vita!

Two and a half weeks in Italy taught me all of these life changing lessons.

You too can live a simpler, happier life by incorporating these lessons into your life.