All in a Day's Work

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While working with my organizing clients for almost 12 years, I have found many interesting items.

Here are just a few:

3 Rabbits

2 living in a garage and 1 in a living room.  Yes, the living room.

Thousands of Dollars

The largest find was $5,600 of dividend checks that had never been cashed.  I found them in a shoe box under a senior's bed, who was recently moved to a memory loss assisted living home.

A $20,000 Gold Rolex Watch

It was in a plastic zippered case that came with a piece of luggage.  The owner wanted to donate the case.  I always check inside.  The client was very happy when I pulled out the watch from a hidden pocket.  He thought he had lost it.

A Diamond Ring

A senior client was convinced that someone had stolen the diamond ring from his home.  I found it under a bureau when I moved it.  An innocent person was exonerated.

2 Pizzelle Machines

Just last week, I found 2 pizzelle machines for a client.  They were lost in a chef’s pantry.  Yes, she needs both machines when making numerous pizzelles.  My Grandmother Gelardi made pizzelles paper thin.  I can still smell them.  Yum!

Photo of my Mom and Dad

A photo that I had never seen before of my parents when they were young and dating.  I found it while cleaning out my Aunt’s home to prepare it for sale.  What a treasure. 

You never know what you will find when you organize! 


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