It is the Simple Things in Life!

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If you think about it, some of the simplest things in life can make your day.

1.  Flowers

I always have fresh flowers, a plant or an orchid in my home.  It doesn’t have to cost much.  Every grocery store sells them, even Trader Joe's, Home Depot and Target.  For less than $20.00 you can add some beauty to your home or office.  I love orchid plants because they will last for months and even years.

2.  Hugs

They don’t cost a penny and in my opinion nothing feels better.  Do not underestimate the human touch.  It affects you physically, emotionally and spiritually right to your core.  Think of all the single people in the world, who do not have a spouse or children surrounding them daily.  A hug can make their day.
The first think I do when I see my nieces and nephews is encourage a running start and leap into my arms for the best hug in all the world!  However, I have cautioned my 7 year old niece not to do this with her 78 year old Grandmother.  The hug may be nice, but not the fall.

3.  A Compliment

Have you ever received an unexpected compliment and thought to yourself how it made your day?  I promise that if you give, you will receive.  Always be kind and honest with your compliments.  The recipient will smile and treasure your compliment all day long.

4.  A Phone Call

I may be “old school”, but a text or email never compares to a phone call.   It is always nice to reach out and be contacted by phone.  There is no comparison to hearing someone’s voice.  The warmth, tone and inflections reach through the phone unlike written texts and emails that can often be misconstrued.  Go ahead… call someone today.  

5.  Mail

The exception to #4 is a handwritten note.  An unexpected note received via “snail mail” is a wonderful surprise.  It will be treasured whether it sits on a bureau, is taped to the refrigerator or is preserved for years to come.  My Mom recently showed off the notes that she received in the mail.  I know that they made her day.

6.  A Surprise

Whether it is one of the simplest things above, a package in the mail, a gift or a combination of any of these things, it will bring a smile to any recipient’s face.

I was surprised when I received a knock on my door on Valentines’ Day.  I opened the door to see a very tall delivery man holding a huge bouquet of flowers.  I was not expecting them and honestly, couldn’t imagine who sent them.  I said to the man, "I don’t know you so I know they are not from you".  He smiled.  When I opened the card, I was surprised and overwhelmed with the kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity of my childhood friend, Christine.  We try to get together, but we are both busy.  She is a teacher and has a husband and kids.  When we do chat, it is like we saw each other yesterday.  I can not tell you how she made my day.  A trifecta: flowers, a gift and a surprise!  Thank you, my friend.

Just remember that it truly is the simple things in life that make us happy.


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