HELP...How Do I Keep the Kids' Playroom Organized?

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This is a very common question I hear from many moms.  All the kids' toys, books, gadgets and games take over the playroom and spill over into the rest of the house.  These moms need HELP!

The “job” of picking up these items is never ending.  Most of the time (Who are we kidding? ALL of the time!) it is the mom who is tidying up.

There are some simple suggestions that I share with the families that I work with to keep all the kids’ stuff under control and manageable.


1.  Less is more.
Not only is there never enough room, but children are easily overwhelmed with too many toys and choices.  Pair down!  Donate the items that your kids have outgrown and no longer use.  Throw out items that are broken and missing pieces.  If you still have more than you can store, place them in bins and rotate quarterly.  Your children will think that they have new toys.  Wooo hooo!

2. Use fun containers for "like items".
For example, use bookcases, cabinets and closets to store books and games.  Use baskets or bins to store stuffed animals, balls, and toys.  I especially like these storage solutions from The Container Store.

3.  Train the kids!
This will make your life so much easier.  It will also teach your children responsibility and respect for their stuff.  Even very young children can be taught to put toys into baskets.  The time you take to train your kids will be well worth it. It will save you years of cleaning up after them!

It is easy…really!  Just remember:
1.  Less is more.
2.  Fun containers for "like items".
3.  Train the kids!

Ok now, go to it…you can do it!


In the spirit of full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links.  Please note that I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself.


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