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Would you like to learn how to live better through simplicity?   Ask D is our newest feature at DLivingSimply.com.  You will receive an answer from me personally, and your question may be chosen to be featured in a monthly Ask D blog post!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Ask D was launched on March 1st.  Today I am featuring the first question that I received.  Enjoy reading the advice below!

Tupperware Nightmare

The Question:  I am never able to properly organize my plastic containers and lids. They always get disorganized. Do you have any tips? Also, do you recommend any brand of container that seems to be able to be organized the best? 

-Joan R in Wakefield, RI

The Answer:  Joan, when I organize plastic containers with lids, the first thing that I do is place all the containers on the counter.  Match each container with a lid.  Throw out any and all items that do not have a match and any old, stained containers.  Next, be honest about how many you really use and need.  If possible, purge some more.  Now you are left with complete sets that you actually use.  Find a space in your cupboards that will accommodate the amount of containers.  I use one large rectangular container and stand up all the lids in it.  Then, stack the containers in a few piles depending on size and how much space you have to use.  This approach has always solved the problem of storing and organizing containers.  I have had clients that have plenty of space to store each container with its’ lid on top. This is another option if you have enough storage space.

There are many types of plastic containers and lids.  Some people are switching to glass.  When choosing a container, I recommend that they can stack within each other.  The Container Store offers some of my favorites.

This is a simple approach to solving that problem of never being able to find a lid or container, containers falling out of the cupboard onto your head and feeling frustrated that you do not have enough storage space.  You do!  Just follow these simple steps and your storage containers and lids will forever be organized.



Thank you Joan for your question.  I hope that my advice helps you and others.  Please feel free to send me your success stories and photos.

Ask D will always provide you with simple solutions and suggestions to live better through simplicity.


In the spirit of full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links.  Please note that I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself.

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