Ask D Featured Question: How to Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff

The Question:  When you are clearing out and organizing, where is the quickest, easiest place to get rid of your "Do not wants", but are too good to trash? 

-Sandy C in Providence, RI

The Answer:  Great question, Sandy!  I always donate before I throw out items.  I find the closest donation center to a client.  You can simply Google the information.  When dropping off, I personally use Big Brothers Big Sisters/Savers the most.  Salvation Army also has many drop off centers.  If I need large items to be picked up, my go to is Habitat for Humanity.

It is important to put your donation bags and boxes in your car as soon as you generate them.  Get them out of the house!  You are more likely to drop them off if they are in your car.  As a courtesy, I often take my client’s donations when I leave a session and drop them off because I know that most of the time those bags will sit in their homes for days and even weeks.  

If you want to arrange a pick up for clothes and small items, I highly recommend Big Brothers Big Sisters because you simply put your donations at the end of the driveway on your scheduled date with a sign for BBBS .  They will leave a receipt for you.  Unlike other pickups, you do not need to be home all day.  They take clothes, household items and any small items that can be picked up by one driver.  If you have furniture, you will need to arrange a pickup with Habitat for Humanity or Salvation Army.

I have given you information on the donation centers that I use most often.  There are many other organizations that take donations such as veterans, churches, synagogues, shelters and more.  All can be found on the web.  

Another “trick” that I often use for large items is to put them at the end of the driveway with a free sign.  I promise you that they will disappear in a flash.

Now go get those donation bags in your car!


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