5 Things I Have Learned Being a Professional Organizer

Deanne CapotostoComment

I have owned my professional organizing business for over 12 years.  In that time, I have worked with hundreds of clients on over 1,000 projects.  There are many problems and concerns that are shared by most of those desiring to be organized.

This is what I have learned:

1.  Mail is a problem
The good news is that it does not have to be an issue.  It is as simple as opening your mail daily over a trash can.  At least 80% of your mail is junk mail.  Once opened, put the items that you need to keep in their designated area.  Yes, you need a specific home for bills to be paid, coupons, reading materials, etc.  Set up these “homes” and you have solved your mail problem.

2.  You can be messy and still be organized
I often tell moms that they can have a messy home and still be organized.  This is possible when you have established a place for everything.  It is important to have a family meeting to teach everyone in the family so that they can all maintain the system.  Daily life can be busy and messy.   You can still be organized because you can clean up quickly since there is a place for everything.  This makes the job simple and quick.  

3.  Everyone needs a laundry system
Laundry piles seem to be in abundance when I am helping clients get organized.   There are two causes for these piles: time and a system.  You need to do laundry regularly and in most cases daily.  You also need a system.  I set up a laundry system for a Mom of four and she reported back to me that “it changed her life!”

4.  It is not as bad as you think
Clients usually describe their clutter worse than it really is when I speak to them on the phone.  They often use the word overwhelming to describe how they are feeling.  A Professional Organizer has the patience, compassion and experience to get you through the process.  I often tell clients that need to tackle a project on their own to do one thing at a time and set little goals.  This will be less overwhelming and the most successful.

5.  Less is more!
Whether it is clothes, paperwork, kitchen gadgets, toys or anything in your home, Less is more!  I have learned that "we as Americans just have way too much stuff!”  Life is not so overwhelming when you have less.  You will have the space to appreciate and use what you have to live simply.  

So breathe, you are not alone.  Organizing is as simple as everything has a place and put everything in its’ place.


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