Get Your Closet Summer-Ready!

Deanne CapotostoComment

It is that time of year to change out your closet.  Put away your fall and winter clothes and break out the spring/summer wardrobe.

From messy...

From messy...

...to organized!

...to organized!

Here's how to start:

1.  Purge

Donate clothes that no longer fit, are out of season or you just don’t like or wear.

2.  Clean Your Closet

Dust and wash the shelves, vacuum the floor and woodwork, and fix broken items.

3.  Pack up Your Winter Clothes

Store out-of-season items in another closet or in bins.  When I organize closets, I arrange "like items" together and from dark to light.  

Clean Closet Tip: Keep all of your empty hangers in one spot so that they do not take up a lot of room between your clothes.  

The benefits of changing out and organizing your closet seasonally: 

You closet can be a bright, energizing place if you keep it free from clutter!

1.  You can actually see what you have to wear.

2.  It allows you to identify what you need to buy to round out your wardrobe.

3.  Choosing an outfit and dressing is fun, quick and easy.

Regardless of the size of your closet or the amount of clothes and shoes in your wardrobe, you can do this!  I guarantee you will feel happier and lighter.