"I am so delighted with Deanne's services. She gave me the confidence to confront what I saw as an impossible task.  We broke the task into small parts.  I have lived in a house with a lot of space. Various family members and friends have left stuff here.  Over 24 years, stuff piles up. We systematically turned this house around. Deanne is so hard-working and totally reliable."

-Katherine K. (Providence, RI)

“Working with Deanne was the best money we ever spent to improve our house.  In the past, we have gone out to buy expensive furniture or dozens of plastic bins to make our house work better.  This just added to the clutter.  Deanne changed all that.  She helped us to articulate our needs and then worked with us to remove our clutter according to these priorities.  Next, she coached us to repurpose the furniture we already own.  Overall, she saved us money and helped us get an orderly home we always wanted! For the first time in fifteen years, I can use my mother's beautiful dishes.  They had been in boxes since we moved into this house.  Deanne organized our pantry to create a safe and accessible space for them.  Now I use them every day! I'm looking forward to spring so I can bring Deanne back to organize our garage.  It will be the perfect Father's Day gift for my husband!"

 -Jessica Y. (Salem, MA)

"I am a busy working mom of four children.  Need I say more? Our household is insanely busy each and every day.  What was lacking was organization to our bustling home. I always thought of myself as organized but with more responsibilities I became less organized.  With each day I became increasingly more frustrated with our home and the lack of organization.  This went on for years.  I finally decided one day that I needed HELP.  I needed someone who could understand the trials of a busy household but most importantly could see beyond the disorganization and help implement simple strategies to create better organization and systematic easiness to my home.  That is where Deanne came in...from the moment I put out the request for organizing services she responded immediately.  She was clear and concise in her dialogue with me but most importantly she was readily available to come to my home and help de-clutter and organize 5 key areas.  Those 5 key areas were a huge source of frustration for me and also a strain on my relationship with my husband and children. I am happy to report that with Deanne's expertise in identifying those 5 key areas, professionalism, and a positive and proactive attitude we have addressed those 5 key areas and now my home is running so efficiently.  My husband is so impressed and appreciative as well.  The chaos, I can control, has dissipated with our new systems.  The most notable has been our laundry situation.  Deanne helped create a new system for our laundry.  This enabled my four children to participate in the process and isolated all the laundry to the laundry room rather than it being dispersed among the house.  It is now manageable and it has allowed the children to actively participate in the process and have some ownership in it.  I am so thankful for the work that has been done with Deanne's insights and guidance.  My external world has gained order and organization which in turn has positively influenced my internal peacefulness.  I feel great and the house looks great too!"

-Tina M. (Holden, MA)

"Deanne first helped me re-organize my house and my life many years ago.  She took me from a considerable mess and clutter to a properly ordered home. Since then, she has become a good friend and advisor to keep my life from falling back into my old ways. I trust her opinion and seek it frequently. I think she goes above and beyond most 'organizers' scope - she bakes me cakes and cookies! I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help in straightening up a home or office and keeping it that way.  (Although I can not promise everyone will get cakes and cookies!)"

-Greg H. (North Stonington, CT)

"Deanne handles an ordinarily overwhelming situation with ease and fun. You see the results and progress immediately. Deanne participates 110% in the process. I have become more confident in making decisions. Deanne is a life saver…she saved my life!"

-Jan G. (Cranston, RI)

"I have loved working with Deanne over the past 3 years.  I am a working Mom with two boys and a busy schedule.  I was feeling overwhelmed by the ‘clutter’ in my house so I hired Deanne to help organize the kid's art supplies and toys.  In 4 hours I had clean, functional, organized space and a feeling of accomplishment.  Deanne is efficient, helpful, motivating, and fun to work with, making the organizing process less of a burden.  I now hire her every 3 months to work on specific projects.  Knowing I have a scheduled time to manage the clutter means I can enjoy my weekends without a nagging ‘to do’ list."

-Kim C. (Madison, CT)

Deanne helped me with a large estate on Ocean Road in Narragansett, RI, that really needed to be decluttered and organized.  The results were remarkable!  The undertaking seemed so overwhelming to me— where to begin? I brought in Deanne and she was incredible. She was worth every penny.  I set a budget for the job and she got it done.   She thinks clearly and acts swiftly.  If you need a "turnaround artist' to transform your home, I can't recommend Deanne more highly.

-Pawler G. (Newport, RI)

"My house had become quite cluttered, causing waste due to duplication of items, and excessive time in locating things. Now, there is organization and ease where there used to be confusion and frustration. The upkeep of the home is much easier now without so much in the way. Deanne is physically and mentally strong, upbeat and focused. She is motivated to help improve the situation while maintaining a since of humor. I never felt judged or belittled."

-Donna N (Deham, MA)

"Deanne is a very competent and caring person whose vision and focus on the project at hand, dedication to her craft, and sense of responsibility to her client, always made me feel safe and secure in what could otherwise be a very scary process!!"

-Mindy R (Branford, CT)

"I'm an accountant. Deanne helped me organize paperwork for one of my clients, who had 8 years of taxes to prepare! Deanne sorted thousands of pieces of paper, organizing and summarizing each year separately. It wouldn’t have gotten done without Deanne’s help!"

-Don R (Milton, MA)